Chaser’s Fresh Lemonades

All our Lemonades are made from scratch and are a mix of real, all-natural, freshly squeezed lemons, our home-made syrup using Vegan Organic Cane Sugar and filtered water. Chasers lemonades are made with real, all-natural fruits and herbs which makes them healthy and delicious All our products are made to order each day.

Lemonades we can make ( but ask us for others):

    • Lemonade
    • Limeade
    • Pink (Strawberry) Lemonade
    • Hibiscus Lemonade
    • Rosemary Lemonade
    • Thyme Lemonade
    • Ginger Lemonade
    • Mint Lemonade

    Terms & Conditions:

    • All of our products are made to order.
    • Orders need to received at least 48h before required delivery.
    • Call in for pick up orders.
    • Minimum order $150 for deliveries (Please set up an account with us first).
    • Sizes of our bottles for orders are 16oz, 32oz, 1L and 2L.
    • Deliveries available Mon-Fri


*Any kind of flavour, ingredients ratio and sweetness level can be custom adjusted to order.

Please email us your order or call us 604-428-4088